Successes and ChallengesEach campus will need to purchase power strips to keep devices charged during the day.

1. When is each campus getting the dongles? They will be delivered once the second order has arrived. This may not solve all problems though. Rooms will have to be dealt with once we know what we are facing here. .
2. When will the other teachers (music, art, rdg spec, IS, etc)... get their macbooks? Thursday, when we deliver. .
3. Is the district providing protective covers for the ipads and itouches? if so, when will we get them? No.
4. When will the filtering issues be resolved? (especially on the ios devices) work in process. You ask and we will open... Or not.
5. Does each machine need barcoding? They are barcoded. Each will go into your system as a check out. 
.The devices will have to be barcoded to be added to Destiny. Please include assett# and SN#.
6. Have asset tags already been placed on each ios device? (needs to be placed on back at bottom next to IPAD logo in case cases are used for easy access)
Yes…the asset tags are on the device and recorded through the central office asset manager system. They still need to be added to the campus inventory through Destiny.
7. Might be best to set up a syncing schedule on your campus..
Synching questions and a district process will be put in place next week. The LMS will be working with the AP on the approval of campus apps for grade levels so there is some oversight.
8. Edmodo might could be used as an immediate holding place and way for students to immediatly upload pictures and videos that could easily be shared. Edmodo would like to come do trainings with us. If you want I can move forward with that training. YES please!
9. Custodians, contract people, etc. have keys to classrooms. What is the safest and best place to keep the ios devices? and protect from theft? (maybe locking file cabinets)
10. Is there an app we can download that tracks the devices if they are taken off campus, accidentally taken home, stolen??? Yes more later
11. Is there a standard user agreement that will be sent home with the ipods since they might be taken home on occassion? or will the standard aup only apply? Feel it might be better if parents were aware they are coming home and cost if broken or lost. agreed and yes
Yes. There will be a standard user agreement. It will come when the student devices are distributed. (Spanish and English)
12. Will students be allowed to take ipods home? Yes. Once procedures etc are in place.
The plan is for 3-5 students to use the touch devices at home and at school. There will be documentation for students taking the devices home that parents will need to sign off on. It would be my suggestion that the practice of taking devices home, not begin until after Christmas.
13. Will the district be providing a stylus for the ipads? Would help younger children in practicing correct placement and holding of pencil/device for handwriting practice. No. Not yet.
No stylus is being purchased this year. The equipment you have is all that the district will providing for this pilot.*

Helpful ideas:
1. Hanging shoe cases would be good way to store ipods in classrooms. Easily visible and could be numbered. Also consider Velcro on the box and in the corner of the desk so they can be stored safely during on and off use during the day.
2. Could use colored dots that were associated with each grade level color and number devices, textbooks, etc. from 1-20 and assign to students so if student #3 is missing, would be easily visible.
3. Each campus will get 2 syncing carts. One cart will be for K-2 and the other will be for 3-5. Might be best for each teacher to have their own class library so they can sync their classroom devices as needed to their macbook. Then use the dedicated macbook to transfer the apps. The dedicated macbook would be the one tied to the school account with the credit card/itunes account information. *There will be a dedicated Mac Book for the synching carts.
4. Since the LMS will be barcoding, helping with training schedules, and so involved in the process, would be helpful if they were the ones to work with the apps and pushing the info from Casper to the campus macbook. They will work directly with ap.
5. Things that work well thru Mac- Schoolnet, Things that still need to go thru PC- Grades, Attendance, Shared drives
6. To remove another persons itunes account tied to your device: If you go to Settings and click on store, you will see the itunes username that you want to get rid of. Clcik on it and a menu will pop up asking if you want to sign out. Sign out. Now when you go into itunes to purchase or download an app, it will prompt you to give your new itunes account information.