Training Your Team
The following items are only suggestions and can be used, modified or passed over in preperation for your device roll out.

As a way to teach MISD employees about their iOS devices, we created several small trainings that would allow them to learn on their own or in small or large groups. Every school is different in their needs, but this method allowed us to chunk the trainings and still provide each campus with the same information. All of the documents are available below in PDF and in Word so that you can print it or you can take a version and revise to your needs. Hopefully this will allow you a starting point so that you have an idea of how to get started.

Teachers first receive the iTeam Training document that explains to them the steps of getting started and their goal in the iOS introduction. In addition to this first document is a Care and Safety document that will allow teachers to understand the purpose of them receiving a device and the guidelines for having it. Once the teachers sign off on these documents, you can proceed with the Module #1 Training. This training is perfect for the moment you hand them the device. Many will zoom right through this, but many will learn quite a few new elements about their device. If they have any questions through the training, you can use the questions and concerns sheet or create an online form in google docs to answer them systematically. If you create a google form, you can then copy and paste these items into an FAQ page on your website to send people to for general questions.

Learning Your Device
Module_Pictures.001.jpgModule_Pictures.002.jpgNavigating Through iPhotoModule_Pictures.003.jpgModule_Pictures.004.jpgNavigating Through iPhotoModule_Pictures.005.jpgModule_Pictures.006.jpgModule 4Module_Pictures.007.jpgModule_Pictures.008.jpgFaceTimeModule_Pictures.009.jpgModule_Pictures.010.jpg

Make a Movie in Keynote

iPads and Discovery