Tips and Tricks
If you discover about your Macbook, iPad or iPod you think everyone should know, share it here!

In order to get an iTunes account without a credit card, please visit Apple's site for instructions.

There is an App Store in iTunes for your iOS devices and then there is an APP store on your Macbook for Apps to put on your Macbook.

Both iPad and iPod Both devices have a print screen ability. Press down your home button and while holding it press and hold your power button until the screen flashes. If your devices wants to turn off, you didn't do it correctly and need to try again. Your pictures will show up in the Photos App on your device.

Double click the home button to bring up a secret menu. This menu allows you to see and turn off apps that are running. If you swipe it from left to right it gives you a menu allowing you to change the brightness of your screen, change the volume and lock and unlock the screen from rotating.

The camera feature allows you t record video and take pictures. It also allows you to swap the direction of the camera in order take pictures of what is ahead of you or... you.

If you ever have a lingering keyboard on the screen and it is in your way, there is a hide keyboard button on the bottom right side of your keyboard.


Homemade Stylus for your Device You can create your own stylus by following what this district did: